Nelly started her professional artist-career in 1975. The inspiration comes from her surroundings : the skies, the skylines, the dikes and the sea. Zeeland is renowned for its special, beautifull light: it is refracting in the water around the isles and the polders. Her landscapes are representing a special place in the long tradition of Dutch landscape-artists.

Other subjects are  her so beloved cats and catwomen and other female-portraits.  She obtained a very personal style in representing her favourites.  ( ' They are sirens of your imagination. They go to places and do things which you can only dream of! Strong, seductive images' O. Savvidis)

Her works are in the collections of big compagnies like Dow Chemical, BASF, Rank Xerox etc. and in a lot of private collections all over the world.

A critic wrote about her: This Zeeland artist shows that in art personality is more important than originality. (Sietse Postma, a well respected critic for KUNSTBEELD, an art-magazine in the Netherlands) 

The jewelry made of rubber (latex) was represented in galeries in Paris, Barcelona (Forum Ferlandina) and Antwerp. It has also been showed in Paris in the collection of the Dutch famous fashiondesigner Aziz Bekkaoui.

Van Nieuwenhuijzen had lessons but is considering herself as an autodidact.


https://www.saatchiart.com/NellyVanNieuwenhuijzen (recent works gallery)

https://www.singulart.com/en/artist/nelly-van-nieuwenhuijzen-4701 (recent works)


Nelly sells and exhibits her work exclusively online, only through Saatchi Art and other platforms