I saw your paintings featured on Robt. Genn's site today.

I could feel the sky. The movement. The pressure. The unimaginable expanse!
I love how the sky is nearly everything. The things on earth minimized.

Excellent work! Very powerful!

I generally do not look at landscape paintings.
Most fall far short of even being interesting.

I am also not given to emailing very often but I felt that needed to be supportive to your work.

All the best to you.

Timothy Nero"


                                                                                                     100x100cm acrylic paintings on canvas

"The landscapes of Van Nieuwenhuijzen are extensive, born from an intense experience of the openness of the Zeeland area. An undertone of mysticism is unmistakable. As if caught in line and color movement continues in the invisible behind the horizon. The accentuated line is both the boundary and the window. The subtle differences in rhythm and nuances reflect a range of emotions."

(C. Bos)